Bigg Boss - Season Twelve - Review

Bigg Boss - Season 12 is the eleventh season of the popular Indian reality show Bigg Boss that is based on the famous Dutch show Big Brother. The premiere episode of this season was entitled "Bigg Nights". Salman Khan was the host for the tenth time. His co-hosts are Neeraj Chopra and Sanjay Mishra.

The show is now running its twelfth season. The show has been a long-standing favourite amongst viewers who love to see the contestants battling it out with their best friends for the prize money. The show features the contestants as they fight it out among themselves to earn the biggest amounts of money and prizes that are given to them.

The first episode of the season saw the contestants competing to win the coveted prize of ten thousand dollars. The next episode saw the contestants fighting in an international battle arena to win a big prize that included a dream holiday. The third episode featured the contestants competing to be selected as one of the top contenders by their friends and family to join them for their vacation. The fourth episode saw the contestants fighting to win a prize including a car for their daughters. The contestants were also asked to cook a lavish meal to their friends.

Salman Khan as the host of Bigg Boss - Season Twelve has proved to be a huge success for his show. The popularity of the show is seen in the fact that a lot of celebrities have signed up for the show including Bollywood stars Amitabh Bachan, Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Kapoor and many others. This has been in tune with the increasing demand for shows featuring people competing to win big amounts of money and prizes.

The show has also earned praises from critics and viewers all over the world because of its authenticity in showing the contestants competing to win the prize money and prizes that are given to them as a reward for their great performance. The show has become a hit in India and other countries all over the world.

The show Bigg Boss - Season Twelve continues to be a big hit because of its realistic depiction of how contestants are pitted against each other in real competitions and fights so that they can be judged according to their performance. The show also remains to be a must watch for all those who love to watch reality television.


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